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September 14-17, 2022


Engaging presentations
Roundtable discussions with Q&A
Professional development workshops
by leading experts

Panel Discussions

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Highlighted Speakers

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Workshop Leader

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Workshop Leader

Stephen Spear, Ph.D

Co-Chair, IUCN SSC Viper Specialist Group

Tiffany Bright

SE Regional Director
The Rattlesnake Conservancy

San Antonio, Texas

*CME credit for presentations and some workshops under evaluation for veterinary practitioners.


Johan Marais

C.E.O. African Snake Bite Institute

Human-snake conflict with Mozambique spitting cobras and snakebite in South Africa.

Bianca Theron with frog (1).jpg

Bianca Theron

African Snake Bite Institute

Snakebite in South Africa – Challenges and opportunities


Matej and Zuzana Dolinay

Living Zoology

Photography and videography of venomous snakes in the wild.


Sean Bush, M.D., F.A.C.E.P.

Emergency Physician

Envenomation Management Techniques.

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Spencer Greene, M.D.

Emergency Physician, Medical Toxicologist

Accuracy of snake identifications by nonexperts using social media

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Randy Babb, M.S.

Retired Biologist, AZGFD

Natural history and ecology of the Sonoran coralsnake.


Laura Briseño-Cázares M.S.

Biologist, Ph.D Student

A look at human-snake conflict using conservation social sciences lens.


Andrew Holycross, Ph.D

Mesa Community College and Arizona State University

Ecology of the Animas Montane Herpetofaunal Community.


Doug Hotle

Director, Henson Robinson Zoo

Venom Production: Extracting the Truth


Wolfgang Wüster, Ph.D

Professor, Bangor University

Why is snake venom composition so variable.

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Tony Daly-Crews

Executive Director, The Rattlesnake Conservancy

Using training to create community engagement in snake conservation.


Jennifer Moore, Ph.D

Professor, Grand Valley University

Research to inform conservation of threatened eastern massasauga rattlesnakes.

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Jessi Krebs

Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Rattlesnake Welfare Assessment Project


Anne Devan-Song, Ph.D

 Oregon State University

The Role of Snake Biologists in Framing Snakebite Envenoming as a Social-ecological System

Additional presenters

Pia Bartolini, CVT, VTS (CP-exotics)
Cody Bartolini
Tiffany Bright
Joseph Colbert, M.S.
Saunders Drukker
William Hayes, Ph.D
Matthew Metcalf, M.S.
Ray Morgan
Stephen Spear, Ph.D
Edward J. Wozniak, DVM, Ph.D, MPH



Jared Holmes

Biologist and Educator, Selah-Bamberger Ranch Preserve

Conservation and History of Southwestern Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.

Attendees book your behind the scenes tour at San Antonio Zoo here.

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