Is parking included with the reservation?

Yes, each room reservation will receive two complimentary parking passes. Additional vehicles must make alternate arrangements with the hotel.

Does the hotel have a bar/social area?

Yes! And we encourage attendees to socialize after ours! There will be happy hour available from 5:00pm to 8:00pm on 9/17/2020.

Does the hotel have a pool?

Yes! Bring a bathing suit!

I'm looking for someone to bunk up with, do you have anyone that wants to split a room?

You are welcome to post in the discussion on our Facebook event page to see if anyone wants to split a room!

The Menger Hotel

204 Alamo Plaza 

San Antonio, TX 78205


Deluxe King                                         $139.00 per night

Deluxe Double Bed                            $139.00 per night

Deluxe Double Bed w Balcony          $139.00 per night

Teddy Roosevelt Suite                        $209.00 per night




When do I need to make reservations by for the group rate?

Prior to August 31st, or the hotel will release the rooms for other patrons.


How far is the hotel from the conference venue?

Just a quick walk to the elevator and you will be at the conference rooms!

Will there be a shuttle to and from the airport?

Yes, there is a shuttle available from the airport to the hotel for $15.00 per person one way, or $20.00 round trip, that makes stops at several hotels. You can find the shuttle available at baggage claim every 15-30 minutes labeled as the city "Super Shuttle".